Daytona - 2/17/2019


The 2019 season gets underway with the Daytona 500 on Sunday, Feb. 17, 2109. The race information page will be updated in the future.

Race and track records

The track is a 2.5 mile high banked speedway. The race is 200 laps for a total of 500 miles. The first segment ends on Lap 60 while Segment Two is done on Lap 120. Austin Dillon won here in 2018 after starting 14th.

Practices, Qualifying, Pole, Top Five, Top Ten, Won from 20th or back and worst spot to win.


Team Intl. Takes Race And Session Three

  Going into the final race of the 2018 NASCAR season Team Intl. was in first place and their league high race results kept them at the top of the standings. Team Intl. had a 212 to top the field in a low scoring race. D L Racing (201 pts.) took second while Bill Maccoux and Neil Rechsteiner (199 pts.) tied for third. This was the first time cashing in S3 for Neil. The other teams had already cashed a couple times this session. Speaking of cashing; all of the teams participating in our league this season took home some money.

  Erik Jones finished up the session as the most popular driver. He was on eighteen lineups. Next were Joey Logano (17 lineups), Kyle Busch (16 lineups), Ty Dillon (15 lineups) and Joey Logano (14 lineups). All of the active drivers in the first seven groups were on at least one lineup except for Kurt Busch, Ryan Blaney and Jamie McMurray. Michael McDowell was on just one roster. He was the only driver in the top seven groups that was on only one lineup. All of the other drivers were on two or more rosters.

  The race average was 185.5 and there were no scores of 235 points or better at Homestead.

  A team made up of the most popular driver in each group would have scored 168 points this week. No one had that lineup. There were three ties in the race standings which involved six teams. None of the ties were due to identical rosters. That gave us twenty-eight unique lineups for Race #36.

  Check out the results from Homestead.

Ford EcoBoost 400

Session Two Standings

  Team Intl. took first place in Session Three and did it with a race winning score of 212 at Homestead. Ised Jade was forty-five points back after a 196 this race while Sunshine Racing was another twenty-two points back in third place. Smoke (-73 pts. / 192 this race) took fourth place. DDT (-82 pts. / 176 this race) was fifth while Oliver James Racing (-122 pts. / 166 this race) finished sixth. Russ McElrone (184 this race) and The Cups (188 this race) tied for seventh. They were 140 points back. White Lightning Racing (-154 pts. / 182 this race) was ninth.

  White Lightning Racing made the "Move Of The Week" when they dropped Ryan Blaney for race winner Joey Logano. Smoke switched from Logano to Brad Keselowski. That move only cost Smoke six points but was still the "Goof Of The Week". For the session White Lightning racing gained the most points with their driver changes. They were a +85 points. Next up was DDT with a gain of 79 points. Rhinelander Racing had the best "record" with driver changes; 9 - 2. They gained 42 points with their moves. Oliver James Racing had a 4 - 7 record with their changes. That was worst record but still added seven points to their session total. Six teams made the maximum number of moves (eleven) while three teams stayed with the same lineup for all twelve races; Teach Me How To Dougie (finished 13th), Team East Town (19th) and The Babe (26th). Fifty-seven percent of the changes in S3 had positive outcomes. Of the 170 driver change the ninety-seven positive moves added an average of 12.86 points while the seventy-three other moves lost and average of 11.08 points.

  The maximum score for this race was a session low 230 points which was twenty-six points less than the next lowest. The minimum score for the race would have been 119 points. Race #1 of 2018 had a minimum of 41 points which was a league record low.

  The average for Session Three fell slightly to 191.9 and there were no scores of 235 or better so the session total stayed at twenty-seven. Session Two ended up with a 207.1 average.

  Stage Racing is here to stay. See who's taking advantage of Stage Racing in 2018. Check out the link below to find out.

2018 Stage Points

  There are twenty-eight teams for Session Three of 2018. We pay one spot for every three entries so this session the payouts will go down to 9th place.

Session Three Standings

All Events Standings

  The top six teams in the season long All Events Contest held on to their positions for most of Session Three. No one was able mount a challenge to these teams. First place went to Ised Jade who ended up with a seventy-four point lead on second pace Smoke. White Lightning Racing (3rd / -135 pts.), Oliver James Racing (4th / -169 pts.), M J Racing (5th / -232 points) and S L Racing (6th / -242 pts.) round out the top six for 2018.

  Sunshine Racing and DDT moved up four spots in the AE standings since the start of S3. Sunshine Racing has used a 201.8 average to move from 16th to 12th while DDT has moved up to 19th with a 200.5 average score. Neil Rechsteiner has slipped four spots this session. Neil is averaging 182.8 a race to slip to 15th place. Those were the biggest gain and loss in the AE Standings in Session Three.

  The average score for 2018 ended up at 201.0 points a race and there were 157 scores of 235 or better. The top fifteen teams averaged 200 points or better. Neil Rechsteiner finished in 15th with a 200.17 average.

  In the All Events contest we pay out one out of every four teams entered. With twenty-six teams entered we will pay down to sixth place in 2018. Everyone in the league has cashed in 2018.

  2018 All Events Standings

Standings After Race #36